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We want to provide you the simpliest, easiest experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. We have provided instructions on the major features of the site in this section.

Getting Started

  • What is Expat Singapore Friends ?
  • Why Do I Need to Register?
  • How Can I Create My Profile?
  • Supported Web Browsers

Login / Logout

  • How Do I Login?
  • Why am I Unable to Login?
  • I Didn’t Receive My Password Reset Email.

Your Profile

  • Editing Your Profile
  • Mandatory Questions in Your Profile
  • Optional Questions in Your Profile
  • Unable to Save Edited Profile
  • Why is My Profile Not Visible?
  • Why is My Profile Suspended?
  • Can I Change My Username?

Uploading Photo

  • Adding Photos
  • Changing Your Profile Photo
  • Deleting Photos

Using Search

  • What is Search?
  • How Do I Use Search?


  • What are Messages?
  • Are the Messages I Send to Other Members Anonymous?
  • Sending Messages to a Member
  • Accessing Messages
  • Reading, Replying and Deleting Messages
  • Receiving Messages
  • Unable to Send Message (Premium Member)


  • What is Chat?
  • How Do I Know Which Members are Online Now?
  • How Do I Request to Chat With a Member?
  • Accepting a Chat Request
  • Declining a Chat Request
  • No Response After Sending Chat Request
  • Can I View Chat History?


  • What are Smiles?
  • Sending a Smile
  • Managing your Smiles


  • What is Hotlist?
  • Adding Someone to Your Hotlist
  • Accessing Your Hotlist
  • Removing a Member From Your Hotlist

Who's Visiting Me

  • What is Who’s Visited Me?
  • How Do I View Who’s Visited Me?


  • What is MatchMail?
  • Subscribing to MatchMail
  • Unsubscribing from MatchMail
  • I’ve Unsubscribed From MatchMail and Want to Receive MatchMail Again
  • Where Else Can I See My Matches?


  • What are Groups?
  • Joining a Group
  • Leaving a Group
  • Posting a Comment in Groups
  • Starting a Discussion Thread in Groups
  • Keyword Search in Groups
  • How to Create Groups?


  • What is the Travel Page About?
  • All Trips
  • My Trips
  • Search Trips
  • Adding a Trip
  • Editing a Trip
  • Deleting a Trip


  • Types of Memberships
  • How Do I Upgrade?
  • Payment Options
  • How Will My Purchase Show Up on a Credit Card Statement?
  • What is Auto-Renewal?
  • How Do I Cancel Auto-Renewal?
  • How Do I Cancel My Premium Membership?
  • How Do I Delete My Account?

Blocked List

  • What are Blocked Members?
  • Adding a Member to Your Blocked Members List
  • How do I Unblock a Member?
  • Accessing Your List of Blocked Members
  • Can Blocked Members Still View My Profile?

Account Management

  • Viewing Your Account Information